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33 Responses

  1. We've got the same … CAMERA 💯💯💯👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  2. Michael M says:

    Anita is my favorite photographer..My dream is to learn photography and shoot Anita one day😂

  3. Noemi Vargas says:

    Been looking for tips on beach shoots. This helps so much!! Great video!

  4. Wonderful tips and ideas……Thank you!

  5. It's Cecilia says:

    DO NOT put olive oil on your skin if you are in the sun, you are going to get a major sunburn

  6. Whats type of oil is in the spray can next to the sheen?

  7. madivory1 says:

    Hi Anita, how did you refill the spray into the spraying bottle?

  8. Shooting into the sunlight rarely works for me.

  9. Having stylist certainly helps.

  10. I used to use olive oil before and always get compliment how nice my skin is!

  11. Lea Patience says:

    Such a great video! Also beautiful setting, which beach in Cape Town were you shooting at?

  12. karl08701 says:

    I just Purchase Anita Thailand pack of presets and Capetown presets for Lightroom OMG…. I shot a dark skin, well I call it brown skin Model the skin tone so bronzed out Omg the skin tone punch….I will be buying more ASAP…. If you are shooting swimwear in the Usa Right now buy these presets it will give your images a new look for sure…

  13. the analog pictures look so good!!! I love your style

  14. Vintage cameras need to stop. Cliche doesn't even cover what they are at this point. Something that does work is old glass water bottles. Much harder to over do that look and it makes much more sense. Leave the cameras to the 2 Camerons. They have kinda owned that look at this point.

  15. adam j says:

    I have been subbed for ages, but only just hit the bell! Thanks for another great video Anita!

  16. would it possible to include your settings….. thanks

  17. Shaun Suarez says:

    Thank you! I love your videos. They really do help, and your work is amazing and inspiring 😊

  18. Hello, I was wondering if you ever had any issues with your models getting sunburned after putting the oil on them? Or do you have them put sunblock on first? Where I live using oil like that would cause the person to burn almost instantly.

  19. Patrick B says:

    What preset pack did you use on these photos?

  20. keith dot says:

    I kinda want to start doing bikini shoots now. They just look dope thanks for the inspiration ✊

  21. Photo-Me-Ike says:

    Hey these are some awesome tips! Thanks again for another great video Anita! Love your swim shoots!

  22. wow that model and your photos are stunning!

  23. Edgar MF says:

    Hi! What are your recommendations to take care of my camera on the beach?

  24. Juan Quispe says:

    In the headquarters of that olive oil company they're like:

    "Why are we selling 100 times more olive oil than usual? WHAT HAPPENED?"

  25. whitley isa says:

    Another great and very informative video! Thank you Anita! I was wondering if you have any tips on finding models to work with for fashion photography? Or giving direction to models who aren't that experienced? I live in a small town (country really) and there aren't any ~good~ models near me

  26. Quatie says:

    Please link your favourite Photographers

  27. Paresh Ghole says:

    Loved ur photography anita the location and the model is very sexy n hot in bikini loved it.

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