Bruce Prichard shoots on Mae Young taking dangerous bumps

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18 Responses

  1. Dan Wacker says:

    Mae's generation went through a Depression and a World War, they had a degree of toughness and a can do attitude that today's generation doesn't and will never understand.

  2. gcell10 says:

    Bubba Ray claims Mae farted on impact

  3. alanguages says:

    Mae Young grew up in a generation, when people were injured they sucked it up and still went out there giving more than 100%, when they weren't able to. Only death was able to stop them.
    Now that is dedication.

    R.I.P. Mae Young

  4. Jay Dav says:

    I was shocked when that old bitch pulled her top down and showed her 78 year old tits on pay per view.

  5. I respected her ability to take bumps at an age where I will probably barely be able to take jello.

  6. Mae Young was a crotchety old bastard whose will was of iron who had guts and determination like no other. There is an innate survival instinct that most humans have that tells them NOT to do certain things. To protect themselves from certain things. Two people that immediately spring to mind where this survival instinct doesn't seem to exist: Jeff Hardy and… Mae Young.

  7. Larry Harris says:

    That 3 Minute Warning was done in Baltimore,I started respecting her more and Women wrestling,not serious though until WWE fake Women's Revolution or Evolution whatever slogan.

  8. D3ath8yBac0n says:

    Mae was a badass in her prime and she was still a badass until the end. Even as old as she was she was over big with the crowd. More over than most of the Divas.

  9. JOHN says:

    I thought that old may young was really a young person wearing a convincing old woman's mask

  10. noblesiner says:

    Mae Young is the toughest pro wrestler of all times!!!

  11. Rex Sexson says:

    I'm still sticking fish in Mae's panties. 🤮

  12. philaman1972 says:

    Mildred Burke, Mae Young, Fabulous Moolah are among the chief architects of women's wrestling. These women literally chopped down all the trees in the woods, plowed the dirt, and paved the way for what you see today every time a woman wrestles.

  13. Too bad Mae didn't live her dreams by performing at 100 years old.
    RIP Mae.

  14. JR Blanton says:

    Mae Young was one tough woman. Taking bumps at that age was astonishing.

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