Quitting Powerlifting? Leaving School? | Off Season/Life Update

Things are changing, but I feel that’s par for the course at this point. Macros are up, weight is pretty stable, and the semester’s almost over! Post-show life has taken a bit of time to adjust to, but it’s not every year that the offseason aligns with a pandemic!

I’m Alicyn – a dietetics student at the Ohio State University, an NPC bikini competitor, and a powerlifter. My mission is to utilize my passion for food, health, and fitness to connect with and make a difference in the lives of others. I have lofty goals, but I tend to get in my own way. Join me as I learn to get out of my own way and grow into the best version of myself!

Instagram: alicynpatrice
My coach: https://www.seeyoulaterleaner.com
Music: https://www.bensound.com

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  1. Emma Seiteri says:

    Thanks for the update babygirl you're doing amazing xx

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