Full Body Sexy Bikini Workout!!

This is a workout for your whole body to get in sexy bikini shape. These are body weight exercises for your butt, legs, abs, core, arms, chest, back, and shoulders. This workout will help you get into top shape. You can do it 2-3x a day everyday. Model Vicky Justiz.
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Bikini Bottoms for this Workout Video Provided by www.bellabeachwear.com.

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23 Responses

  1. Deacon Nyte says:

    I exercise to your videos 3- 4 days a week – you kill me – but thanks for the motivation.. always look forward to the next days video 🙂

  2. Gymrat42 says:

    Her body is amazing. 

  3. 2WheelTonio says:

    Hell of a body! The workouts help, but God gifted you with great genetics! Lovely!

  4. Angelias22 says:

    What happened to your hair?? =(

  5. is it humanly possible to have a 60inch hips and butt without a giant belly to match??? my breasts are huge and im happy with that , but the rump now is growing but the belly is too ahhhhhh help

  6. kathy33025 says:

    Does BMF or Vicky Justice have instagram??? Trying to get my GF's to follow/do the vids too.

  7. Field111 says:

    that aqua bikini bottom is very complimentary

  8. 2-3 times a day??? Vicky your Evil instructor is trying to "finish you". Make a run for it before it's too late…..run "JUST-IZ" run !!!

  9. comcite says:

    después de ver vídeos de vicky voy por mi novia para hacerle el amor

  10. ramir233 says:

    I love all your workout videos. I like variety so since i'm a man I look hard at mens workout videos to accommodate. However, getting tips from the ladies is also a blessing. Theres one thing I don't like though and that's too much revealing your body with those cute thongs. Yes bad.. cause ehmm gets boner a little bit. Overall, great tips as always.

  11. AJ Frazier says:

    changing the hair color i see lol looks good

  12. You are so beautiful and sexy

  13. Vicky why don't you ever respond to your fans

  14. John Nikkold says:

    You are a perfect cinnamon bombom sexy! Professional sexy and MegaBeauty! Muuuakk! 

  15. Official Me says:

    Every time I see your videos your ass seems to look different c;

  16. Molly Bb says:

    Vicky you are the sexiest girl on YouTube.

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