Kim Baas shoots in South Africa for WorldSwimsuit

Netsport Media Showreel: Shot for World Swimsuit in Cape Town, South Africa
Model: Kim Baas
Agency: D&A Model Management
Director/Producer: Aletha Carswell, Netsport Media
Cameramen: Eldon van Aswegen
Editor: Eldon van Aswegen
Stills Photograph: Karen Haacke

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10 Responses

  1. Like ur every video.
    Subscribed ur channel.
    Thank u so much.

  2. Rosto Angelical e corpo com curvas definidas harmoniosas e lindas Bikini em crochê lindo

  3. Azzouz Jamal says:

    Les jeunes femmes blondes ont la chance d'avoir à leurs côté et à leurs disposition des dizaines de millions d'hommes Noirs très amoureux d'elles et qui s'occupent de leurs bonheur satisfaction corporelle plaisir les femmes blanches et blondes du monde aiment les hommes Noirs éprouvent la haine arrogance mépris envers les blancs une réalité bientôt aucune femme blanche n'accepte un homme blanc même pour discuter.

  4. Moises Silva says:

    oi gatinha linda gostei muito do vídeo parabéns pelo seu trabalho linda de mais

  5. Vijay Gautam says:

    Kim Bass is truly Stunning!!! And the video is shot so exquisitely..bravo to everyone involved !!

  6. Awesome beautiful !!, btw what the song ? let me know ..

  7. Leon Ellis says:

    The best ived  ever seen ! Gorgeous, stunning body. Please let the fans know when you are doing the next shoot in South Africa !

  8. 1st…. Amazing Videography.  I love the editing cuts and the creative camera movement and capture.  The use of creative focusing & use of depth of field zones is awesome.  The model and swimwear is nice.  Good work & thanks for sharing

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