Coco Loco shoots a girl at Pool party!

Coco Loco is confronted by another female who claims she was sleeping with her boyfriend. After the girl gets in Coco’s face and disrespects her, Coco pulls out her gun and shoots the other girl into the pool.


#transitionstvseries #transitionstheseries #transitionspittsburgh

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29 Responses

  1. There’s so much to unpack here…Was someone getting ate out in the pool?

  2. ItSophieTV says:

    This was a movie scene 🤦‍♀️

  3. No u says:

    Em erm Um nice acting if I’m correct-

  4. AirVeazy says:

    Even blanks can break skin at close range and at point blank range can kill someone

  5. Israel M says:

    I think this was for a movie or something

  6. dopex2xdeath says:

    The lack of quality and the video shortened by 1 second made it seem real….now i can see the cameras

  7. Dude really eating her out in the pool and the fucking Hollywood camera filming it wtf is this party

  8. Fake man you didn't see the camera guys

  9. Vengo de Facebook!! 🤣🤣

  10. It ain't reall i am not gonna like it nor subscribe. You really think i am stupid and dumb. You trick into believing that thing real the whole time.

  11. Что эти негры не поделили?

  12. Oh so those were blanks. Makes sense

  13. Jenni says:

    Twitter esa gran red social q t lleva a grandes obras audiovisuales :))

  14. CaraColina C says:

    Yo solo quería ver de un mejor ángulo las del inflable 😋

  15. Solo porque lo vi en tuiter y que chafa aquí !

  16. Pero al final no la estaba inflando de verdad?

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