Bikini Model JANNA BRESLIN Female Fitness Workout Motivation | Top Fitness Model Motivation

Bikini Model JANNA BRESLIN Female Fitness Workout Motivation | Top Fitness Model Motivation

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Janna Breslin is a fitness model, health coach, and nutrition expert from San Diego, California. Over the course of her career, Janna has been crowned Bikini Champion on six occasions, along with being on the cover of renowned fitness magazines.

A track athlete in her youth, Janna’s journey into fitness started in 2008. This is when she first started training in the gym, along with beginning her career as a fitness and swimsuit model.

After sculpting an awesome physique, Janna decided to take her career even further by competing. In 2013, she took part in her first bikini competition, which she ultimately won.

Janna’s success streak continued for several years, during which she took five additional bikini titles – becoming a fitness icon in the process.

Fitness Model
Personal Trainer
Nutritional Therapist/Health Coach
6x Bikini Champion
4x Fitness Magazine Cover

Janna’s High School Days
Growing up, Janna Breslin practiced a wide range of sports and disciplines. These included soccer, cross country running, and track & field. However, she wasn’t truly interested in fitness at this stage.

“I have always been active growing up. I played soccer, ran cross country, and was a varsity pole vaulter in track and field in high school.”

It wasn’t until after high school when Janna became fascinated with weight training. After stepping into the gym for the first time, she immediately became enthralled with all the equipment that she had at her fingerprints.

Furthermore, the results Janna saw from weight training were unlike anything she’d previously experienced. Day by day, she trained hard, developing a strong and fit physique. After a while, new plans and goals began to interest Janna – one of them was to become a fitness model.

From Modeling to Bikini Competitions
It was in 2008 when Janna first began her modeling career. Over the years, she found her calling in the fitness and swimwear modeling category.

While she worked as a model, Janna made sure to train hard in the gym. She already had an aesthetic figure from years of playing sports, but she wanted to take it even further.

In order to achieve her plan, Janna constructed a ‘hardcore’ workout program where she trained with heavy compound movements in the gym. Over the weeks and months, her physique improved drastically.

Motivated by her results, Janna decided to take on a new challenge – bikini competitions. She went on to participate in her first NPC Bikini show, where she wowed everyone by taking 1st place.

Becoming a Renowned Model
After tasting success on the stage, Janna became eager to win more trophies. By this point, she was certain that she wanted to make fitness her full-time career.

“After that first show, I decided that fitness and nutrition became my absolute passion and my the choice to shift my career as a pharmaceutical rep to a personal trainer and nutritional therapist!”

Throughout the years, Janna achieved all of her goals and more. She went on to win six bikini titles, along with gracing several well-known magazine covers. Throughout the process, she became a fitness icon in America.

With her inspirational work ethic and discipline, Janna is now an example for other aspiring fitness athletes and everyone else who follows her online.

Janna’s Training Program
Janna trains four to six times per week. Her workouts last around 45 minutes. She lifts heavy weights and prefers to keep her workouts functional by avoiding machines.

“I start off with lower body, upper body, rest day, lower body, upper body. I like this schedule because it’s easy to remember.” – Janna Breslin

In terms of cardio, Janna likes anything that’s intense. This includes sprints, HIIT, running up the hill, and swimming. These types of cardio raise Janna’s heart rate the quickest, allowing her to burn fat efficiently.

Here’s Janna’s take on cardio, in her own words; “I rarely do steady state cardio. The most I do is walking my dog every day. My favorite type is sprinting because it’s more time efficient and you naturally create more HGH (Human Growth Hormone).”

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