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BACK ON TRACK | Ep. 4 | Leg day | Bikini fitness junior

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annafaltova/ Snapchat: Annie3377 Ask: https://ask.fm/annafaltovaa …………… Legíny Labellamafia které mám při tréninku (Nyní je na ně 40% sleva!!!) https://www.fit-pro.cz/labellamafia-leginy-combatant-fcl30389-1273 Protein: https://www.fit-pro.cz/gold-whey-syrovatkovy-protein-weider-500-g ……… https://www.fit-pro.cz/ Slevový kód: ANNA – 15% sleva na Váš nákup –...



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Girls Full Body Bikini Workout!

Female Fitness Model Vicky Justiz is showing you a full body fat burning workout to workout every muscle in your body. Yo can do this workout everyday and it takes about 10 min.


Best of Bikini Model Workouts 2013 & 2012

Who’s your favorite bikini model of the last 2 years? These girls workout hard: Working out their abs, legs, butt, and upper body. Doing squats, crunches, sit-ups, lunges, deadlifting, sprints, and much more. If...


2018 Bikini Olympia Finals – top 10

@imperial_physiques – follow us on instagram www.imperialphysiques.com IF anyone missed the stream last night was better… here you go, IFBB Women’s Bikini Finals. Top 10 finalists posing routines and the first call out of...


POP Pilates: Bikini Bootcamp

http://www.blogilates.com POP Pilates instructor Cassey Ho leads you through a Bikini Bootcamp workout to slim you down and tone you up. Repeat this routine 3x through for a full length total body workout. My...


New BiKiNi model Glamorous photo shoot 7

Try not to Jerk Off !! Another mind blowing exciting photo shoot of our all time favorite models Abigail Ratchford, Valeria Orsini, Yovanna Ventura, & Tianna G photshoot Please hit the subscribe button for...


✔ Top 10 Sexy Hot Bikini Models | Slingshot Bikini Model

in this video you see Hot Models Boner Prank. you see about models in Lingeriedo Mannequin Challenge. ► Click to see all our videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4FrvonN1Frow1hk-j5gBLg/videos ► Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4FrvonN1Frow1hk-j5gBLg


TOP 6 z fitness světa- Únor 2017 | Bikini fitness

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annafaltova/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annafaltovabikini/ Snapchat: Annie3377 Ask: https://ask.fm/annafaltovaa … Xfitness Praha: http://www.xfitness.cz/ https://www.instagram.com/xfitnesspraha/ Xfitness e-shop: http://www.xfitness-shop.cz/ Zdravá výživa: http://www.karite.cz/ Samoopalovací přípravky: http://www.heshi.cz/ Solární kosmetika: http://www.xsolarium.cz/ + U všech se slevovým kódem: ,,anicka” ušetříte penízky...