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Bikini Fitness (+162cm) PART_2(개별 무대) / 제12회 광명시장배 보디빌딩 및 피트니스대회 / NowView Sports

12th Gwangmyeong Mayor Cup Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition Bikini fitness (+162cm) PART_2 ●No.26-유하영 ●No.27-김보라 ●No.28-신수진 ●No.29-이서인 ↘↓【Now View】 channel ↓↙ https://www.youtube.com/c/nowview ◈ Welcome to 【NowView Sports】 channel ◈ Do not forget to 【Subscribe】 ㆍ【Like】...


Best Bikinifitness Girls – 2019 IFBB Diamond Cup Luxembourg

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